Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Resolution!

Here it goes - 
I'm sure you can guess what it might be ...

My New Year's Resolution is to become organized!  
At home and in school!

I was frustrated that other teachers were leaving school "HOURS" before I was ready and taking NOTHING home!  I don't mind not taking things home - I just want to leave at 4:00 like everyone else!  So organization is in order.

I have been following blogs for about 8 months now - I came across "The Clutter Free Classroom Blog" and fell in love!  If you don't know what I'm talking about check it out 

Clutter-Free Classroom

She has started this amazing journey for all teachers to take -  FREE OF  CHARGE!!!!!

Every week she will guide us through the process of "decluttering" and STAYING clutter-free!  I am so excited that I decided to start this blog about my journey!  I promise it to be an entertaining read!


  1. Looking forward to following your journey! I am planning to start my journey this week by taking my pictures and planning. I can't wait! I need to have less piles in my teacher area. Welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower and I'm so excited about this clutter free classroom project...I mean, you just don't understand. My piles and piles of things are crazy! Can't wait to really get started the baby steps that it's going is perfect for me too!

  3. I'm on the same page as you!!! I just found your blog and am a new follower! Good luck!