Beginning the Journey

I took my before pictures!  What a mess - when reviewing the pictures I was slapped in the face with reality!

Monday - My desk - no wonder I cannot accomplish anything!

Tuesday - Then in my ZEST to be clutter-free I was filing papers and rearranging while the students were doing their morning routines. I have a 4 drawer cabinet.
My ADD kicked in and was on a roll until ...

I opened the top drawer and before I knew it the whole cabinet came face first to the floor! I panicked and another teacher (who heard the crash) came over to help me put it upright.  

As you can see two drawers were compressed together! The top drawer you ask?
Well that had to be taken out to be able to put the cabinet upright!

At first I wasn't sure if this was an omen or blessing! 
It has become a blessing - I've cleaned out all drawers and put into boxes for sorting. Our wonderful custodian - Mr. Bob was able to fix the cabinet (with some minor dents).

I will now sort as I go once I get my containers together. 
Oh dear that reminds me - I need to get off this computer to get my containers ready for school tomorrow!

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  1. :) I have had the very same thing happen to me. Luckily I caught it in time before it fell ON me. Glad your ok and hope it didn't discourage you from organizing.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
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  2. There was NO WAY I could have caught this cabinet! The top comes to my nose! I'm only 5' 2"! I just thank God that no students were standing there! They were in the room no they have a very exciting writing topic! Thanks for reading!