Thursday, July 18, 2013

Giving it another try!

Well, I tried and still couldn't keep up!  But, now that the grandkids no longer live with me I should have a little more time.

I was reading over my past posts ... hmmmm  where did the time go?  Well, I'm still cleaning out my room.  I brought all the teacher resources (mailboxes, many worksheet books, etc...) home for the summer and have been tearing them apart to sort and put into monthly binders.  

Sorry if I'm boring anyone (my whole 9 followers!)  I will try as best as I can to keep posting.  When I get to 10 followers I plan to  post a freebie! Yeah!  My first one.  I need to see what would work best. Thank you all for following me on the start of my journey.

OH here is something I've been wanting to share! I implemented a "Rockin" classroom theme and my calendar set didn't fit in too well. I didn't want to purchase a new one so ... I used Duck Tape to cover the edges and the results were AMAZING!  The picture on the left was the original and on the right my new updated version.
The kiddo's really liked the new style and I have been using Duck Tape everywhere!  Thanks for listening and following me.  

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